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Armageddon is a highly modified DIKU MUD, a form of multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG), designed to provide a roleplaying experience in the harsh desert world of Zalanthas. The game is entirely textual, providing a coded backdrop in which players enact their characters' storylines. Players are required to stay in character on the game, but chatting about the game and its community takes place on the discussion boards. To get started, telnet to 4050 and create an account (the game is free). Once you have an account, you can create a character and begin playing.

We strongly suggest that new players take the time to review the wealth of documents describing the rich cultural and historical detail of Zalanthas in order to help them design and roleplay an interesting, compelling character. At the same time, we invite current players to continue perusing the docs as new ones are added and existing ones augmented, as well as to visit our bookstore, which lists titles that have influenced the game and staff recommendations. If you want to try the game before investing too much time in the documentation, please read our Quickstart. Player Helpers are also available to guide you through your first forays in Zalanthas.

This site serves as a central location for documentation about the game and its world, as well as to provide an introduction for users new to our environment. We've included artwork, poetry and stories from both staff and players depicting aspects of our harsh desert world, and welcome more. Submissions, questions, and commentary should be sent to

Armageddon runs at 4050.

Armageddon last booted 2 days, 2 hours, 21 minutes and 37 seconds ago.

It is currently early afternoon on Ocandra, the 56th day of the Descending Sun
In the Year of Lirathu's Agitation, year 77 of the 22nd Age in Zalanthas.

Current server time is : 10:22:46 PM

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All art work by Brian Takle, except where otherwise noted.
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