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These documents present the specifics of various aspects of life on Armageddon, and go into greater length than the help files. Most are provided as resources to answer commonly occurring questions from players.

  • Allanaki Nobility: A listing of the noble houses in Allanak, their dealings with commoners, templars and other nobles, guidelines on running a noble character, and common customs when dealing with the nobility.
  • Animals: An alphabetical listing of the more common beasts of Armageddon, with descriptions.
  • Cities: Descriptions of the major cities and outposts of Zalanthas.
  • Clothing: Descriptions of the styles used by major Zalanthan cultures.
  • Fighting Styles: The different fighting styles used in the North and South, as well as differences in arms and armor.
  • Games: Common games of Zalanthas, including izdari and Kruth.
  • Gems: Common gems and their uses.
  • Geography: A map of the Known World and descriptions of major geographic features.
  • Guilds: Various professions available for play with descriptions and karma requirements.
  • The History of Zalanthas: A timeline showing important events in the history of the Known World.
  • Illnesses of Zalanthas: A compendium of various ailments suffered by the citizens of Zalathas.
  • Jobs: A listing of some automated jobs that anyone can perform, including syntax.
  • Languages: Listing of the languages spoken in different sections of the Known World as well as the race-specific languages.
  • Magick: An introduction to the magick system.
  • Merchant Houses: An introduction to the powerful Merchant Houses that control the Zalanthan economy.
  • Music: Overview of music on Zalanthan, specifics of northern bards, a listing of commonly known Zalanthan folksongs, and additional web resources for musical roleplay.
  • Mutants: Zalanthan mutations and social attitudes towards them.
  • Other: Explanations of the criminal system, the Zalanthan system of measurement, time, and weather.
  • Plantlife: An alphabetical listing of the more common plants of Armageddon, with descriptions.
  • Player Tools: Programs specifically designed for players to interact with their accounts, characters, and staff.
  • Pregnancy: Information on roleplaying pregnancy and medical conditions on Zalanthas.
  • Races: Information on the common humanoid races of Zalanthas.
  • Seasonings: Seasonings used in different areas of the game world.
  • Senate: Information on and history of the Allanak Senate.
  • Slavery: Overview of the various slave roles and races, with tips on how to roleplay a slave.
  • Tuluki Roleplay: Social structures in Tuluk and roleplay basics.
  • Tuluki Caste Tattoos: List of the tattoos appropriate for different castes or House affiliations in Tuluk.
  • Tuluki Roleplay: Playing a commoner or noble in the North.

Additional Resources for General Information

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