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Valuables stones, even gemstones, can be found in Zalanthas. This document discusses a few of them and how they are used.

Extremely valuable stones (examples)

Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz

More common precious stones (examples)

Onyx, tourmaline, quartzes, lapis lazuli, moss agate, blue lace agate, sunstone, aventurine, spinels, temboeye, jade, obsidian, amethyst, turquoise

Comparison to real ancient stone cutting

Precious stone cutting technology was available in real life as early as 1000 BC (estimation). However, it was crude - having only a few sides. As the centuries slowly progressed, they succeeded in adding facets. Armageddon's gemstone technology falls on the early end of this progression.

Tumbled stones

There are a few techniques to this, but the most basic one is taking a container and filling it up with sand, pebbles and small stones as well as the gems you want polished. Then turn it onto its side and roll it around for days or even weeks. You'd change the contents with progressively finer pebbles and sand as your stones became more rounded and smooth.

You end up with a lumpy, smooth gemstones. The edges will have been worn away and it won't be perfectly round, but the product will be attractive and useful for jewelry.

Cutting and polishing

Taking a few pretty stones, cutting them down to size, and chipping and sanding it until round (or whatever shape you want it to be). If needed a hole can be drilled through it. This can create crude, rough shapes, such as cubes, triangles, and so on. Intricate or complex shapes are impossible due to the crudeness of Zalanthan tools, and often it takes many attempts to get the job done without breaking the subject.

Other uses

Occasionally large, semiprecious stones such as quartz are used in tools and weapons. The more precious the stone, the less likely this would ever be plausible, due to the smaller sizes of the subjects and risk of using them in this way.
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