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There are many job possibilities in Zalanthas, including hunting, crafting, foraging and gathering, being a mercenary, serving a noble, or working for a merchant house. The jobs listed below are generic menial jobs that can be performed by anyone.

Clay Digging
Clay can be dug wherever there is a claypit. It requires no special tools, just an empty container of some sort and the forage skill. While digging clay does not pay as well as some other jobs, this menial task can be performed within the safety of the city.
Location: The only current location for this job is a claypit in the Red Sun Commons of Tuluk.
Syntax: Go down into the pit and type 'forage clay' until you find some clay. You will need to forage at least 5 handfuls of clay and put them into an empty container (inexpensive containers may be bought north of the Commons in the Merchant District). Then go up into the room with the NPC who is collecting clay (it says that in the NPC's ldesc). Type 'offer [container]' and the NPC will give you coins, take the clay, and return your container. Clay cannot be crafted into anything, at this time.

Cotton Picking
Cotton picking is a relatively safe job you can do in fenced farmland. It does not require any specialized equipment. Although cotton picking is not a highly profitable job, many pickers keep some cotton for themselves to craft into clothing.
Location: The Dasari Cottonfields are located within the Scaien Wall of Tuluk, west of the Plains Gate.
Syntax: Go into the cottonfields and south to where you see cotton plants in the room's description. 'Forage cotton' until you have at least 5 bolls, and put them in an empty container (the NPC who patrols the fields sells an inexpensive bag). If you want to keep some cotton for yourself, leave it out of this bag (but the bag must contain at least 5 bolls). When you have finished foraging and are ready to leave, return to the room by the gate. Type 'offer [container]' and the NPC will give you coins, take the cotton, and return your container. You will also receive a token you need in order to leave the fields. Type 'east' to leave the fields, and the gate guard will take your token and let you leave. Cotton is craftable with the appropriate crafting skill.

Logging is the cutting down of trees for use as lumber. Trees large enough to log are only found in densely forested areas, and you must purchase a lumber axe to cut them down. While logging can be profitable, the danger of forest wildlife makes it a hazardous occupation.
Location: The Grey Forest, northwest of Tuluk.
Syntax: First you will need to travel to a forested area, then 'hold' an axe appropriate for logging. Type 'use axe' and if you are in an appropriate room and you succeed in logging, a log will appear in the room. It must then be picked up and transported back to Tuluk (logs are heavy!). Logs may be sold in several places in Tuluk, including the Kadian raw materials buyer in the Merchant District, and in the lumberyard in the Red Sun Commons. The logs can be broken down into smaller pieces of lumber and crafted into a plethora of finished goods using many different crafting skills. You can also pull the bark off of logs using the 'pull' command; the bark is also craftable with the appropriate crafting skills.

Mining can be done at any deposit of stones or minerals. Most deposits are either in caverns or in the desert, both places known for dangerous wildlife and hazardous conditions. These dangers, as well as the need for special tools, make mining more profitable than many other hard labor jobs.
Location: The region around Allanak is rich in deposits of obsidian (southwest of the city) and glass (northeast of the city). Some caverns, including the deeper areas of Undertuluk, have veins of minerals such as alabaster, granite, and jasper.
Syntax: You will need to buy an appropriate mining tool, like a pickaxe, shovel, or glasshacker. Appropriate merchants can be found off Miner's Road in Allanak, or in the Shadow Souk marketplace in Undertuluk, among other places, and some tools can be crafted by tinkers. You must 'hold [tool]' then type 'use [tool] [deposit]' like, 'use shovel vein' until you are successful in mining something, which will appear on the ground in the room. Minerals harvested through mining may be sold to raw materials buyers, including the templar in the Office of the Mines in Allanak.

Salt Gathering
Salt can be gathered in the form of large crystals wherever the mineral is native. While salt foraging can be lucrative, both regions where it can be found have many dangerous animals.
Location: The Salt Flats are east of Allanak, and the Salt Lick is east of Tuluk.
Syntax: When in the Salt Flats or at the Salt Lick, simply type 'forage salt' until you are successful. Salt can be sold to some raw materials buyers, including cleaning merchants in both Allanak and Tuluk, and the Jal Saltyards in Allanak, off Merchant's Road. For the Saltyards, you will need to buy the sack they sell there, and put your salt inside (at least 5 pieces). 'Offer sack' to the woman in the yards to receive payment.

Spice Sifting
Spice is one of the most sought-after commodities in Zalanthas. Different varieties of the drug produce different effects, but all are prized. Spice sifting is a dangerous job, and requires the purchase of a spice sifter.
Location: Spice can be sifted near Red Storm. You must look for a dark patch of sand on the windswept plains. Spice sifters can be bought in Red Storm's main bazaar.
Syntax: In a room with a silty spice deposit, you must 'hold sifter' then 'use sifter' to search for spice. You may sell spice in Red Storm or elsewhere, but do not attempt to bring spice into Allanak, where it is illegal.

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