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These documents present the rules and procedures that govern the game of Armageddon. While much can be found in the extensive collection of helpfiles, these seek to provide a greater depth of information. Most are provided as resources to answer commonly occurring questions from players.

  • Contacting the Staff: How to contact the staff with problems or suggestions.
  • Game Rules: An outline of the principle rules of the game that players are expected to follow
  • Game Mechanics: A rundown of the various commands available in the game with links to their specific helpfiles.
  • Karma: Explanation of the karma policy.
  • OOC Communication: Policies that apply to OOC communication. The document explains what the staff considers acceptable and unacceptable forms of OOC Communication.
  • Special Characters: An explanation of the process for applying and receiving a special character.
  • Staff Responsibilities: Listing of staff members with their areas of in-game responsiblity.
  • Troubleshooting Your Connection: How to troubleshoot difficulties connecting to Armageddon.
  • Weekly Updates: Archive of Weekly Updates

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