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Plant Syntax

There are a wide array of plants that your character might come across while venturing into the wilds of Zalanthas, and the proper syntax used to make use of these plants is likely to vary as well.

The most common kind of plant your character will come across is basically a container. Thus, typing something akin to: "look in plant" will allow you to see if there is anything that your character might be able to harvest. If there is, then something like "get root plant" will work for taking that item.

Other plants are objects themselves, and your character can pick up and take the entire plant by typing "get plant".

Other plants have 'pickable' resources, and in order to harvest these, you must type "pick flower plant" or the like to allow your character to make use of the flora. As a general rule, if a plant is 'pickable' it will tell you so at the bottom of the plant's description.

Still more plants might need to be broken in order to get at the fruits or blossoms they hide within. "break plant" is, in this case the proper syntax to use.

If none of the above work, there is also the possibility that the plant was not meant to be interactive, and does not yield any resources your character could make use of.

Hopefully this clears up some of the mystery surrounding syntax usage on plants in the wild. So go out and have fun!

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