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The world of Armageddon MUD is known as Zalanthas. It is a harsh desert planet where only the fittest survive, and competition over extremely scarce resources causes constant strife and bloodshed. The MUD is run by volunteer staff, using resources provided by the staff. It should be noted that the game is provided and maintained as a courtesy on our part, and that while we try to maintain fairness to the players, we do insist on certain rules being followed. If you choose not to play by these rules, the staff reserves the right to cease providing that courtesy to you. If you fail to treat the staff in a straightforward manner (providing honest and accurate information) or are abusive towards staff members, we similarly reserve the right to remove your access to this service.

Roleplaying is central to the environment – it is not considered an option by the creators of the world, but is a strict requirement. If you do not want to roleplay, please go elsewhere. If you choose not to roleplay, or play your character outside the bounds of roleplay, penalties may include: skill levels being frozen, skills being set to lower levels, skills being removed, removal of the character, removal of race/guild options, temporary banning of the account, or permanent banning of the account.

Roleplaying is defined as the act of using your character to play out the role of that character, not yourself (the player sitting at the keyboard). Different people have different ideas of what it means to roleplay. What matters is that if you want to play this game, you will need to adhere to the staff's definition of roleplaying. Roleplaying is more than the use of the emote command. It means that you act as your character, in as realistic a way as possible; when deciding what your character will do next, you need to base it on what he/she knows (or could reasonably be expected to know, such as general information about the game world), not on what you (the player) know.

Examples of inappropriate play:

  • Actions designed purely to advance skills, such as spamming commands, with no regard for roleplay.
  • Disregarding the game world, such as stealing repeatedly from an NPC who is shouting "Thief!"
  • Disregarding the state of your character, such as sparring repeatedly when your character is seriously wounded.
  • Code abuse, such as finding a loophole that can be exploited to your character's gain and employing it to do so.
  • Using OOC information to drive the actions of your character, such as information gained through a previous character, or from another player outside the game.
  • Excessive use of the OOC command in a way that is disruptive to other players' enjoyment of the game.
  • Abuse of the quit command, such as quitting out to avoid capture or confrontations with other PCs or staff.

Staff members will comment players who they see playing inappropriately, and make a note of the circumstances on the account information. If skills are removed, you will receive a note as to why. Complaints and responses to comments should be directed to Complaints about immortal behavior should also be sent to the account, and will be investigated, with a reply made within three days. Such complaints are taken seriously, and spurious or false complaints that waste staff time or resources may result in further complaints being treated less seriously.

Apart from the requirement that people roleplay realistically here, there are few restrictions on roleplay in Armageddon. If you choose to roleplay adult situations, that is fine. However, before instigating such an act with another player, please OOC to make sure that the roleplay is consented to. If someone is instigating roleplay that makes you (the player) uncomfortable, please OOC that they should stop. If they continue despite being told to stop, please wish up. This rule is not meant to be abused in order to allow characters to escape death/torture/etc., but is intended for adult situations, such as torture or rape, which some players and staff may not wish to witness. If you act out a graphic sequence without first obtaining the other player's consent, and the player then complains within a reasonable amount of time (so that the runlogs can be checked and the complaint verified), you will be permanently banned.

Specifically in the case of roleplaying through a rape, the instigator takes on added responsibility. In this case, the instigator absolutely must OOCly ask for and must obtain explicit consent from the victim's player prior to involving their character in any emote specifically indicative of the act of rape, no matter how non-graphical you believe it to be.

Some special roles may be offered to players who we feel are particularly capable of running such roles, due to extensive game knowledge, a history of outstanding roleplay, and who have demonstrated their trustworthiness in keeping IC-sensitive information confidential. If you wish to run a special character, you may apply directly to the immortal overseeing the area of the game in which that role occurs, such as a clan or noble house, or you may propose a special character concept by following the guidelines set out here. Such roles are supervised, and the character will be removed if it is being played inappropriately.

Only one living character per player is allowed at a time. If you attempt to circumvent this rule by making multiple accounts, you will be banned for a month after the first occurrence, and banned permanently after the second.

Characters are created via the main game menu, and will be reviewed by staff members generally within 24 hours and approved or rejected. Grounds for rejection may include: lack of congruence with the game world, failure to approve connections with existing clans with the appropriate staff member, typos and grammatical errors that are at variance with the overall writing guidelines, lack of the proper keywords, insufficient background, etc.

Armageddon MUD can be played at any time except every Wednesday at approximately 10:00 AM EST when the game is offline briefly for backups and code changes.

All official correspondence should be sent via e-mail to:

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