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Every civilization in the Known World has its own cuisine, and much of the difference in these cuisines lies in the seasonings that they employ. This document lists and describes such seasonings, but be aware that your character may not know all of them - for example, an Allanak noble will probably have no clue what sort of dishes are customary for a desert elf tribe, and vice versa.

In the hands of a skilled cook, seasonings can make a dish even tastier, but a dish can also easily be rendered unpalatable if the wrong seasoning is applied.

  • Aentho: This creamy white paste is highly pungent, giving food a faintly bitter aftertaste. Some claim it to be an aphrodisiac, despite its effect on the breath of the consumer.
  • Ocotillo powder: Made from dried and powdered ocotillo bulbs, this seasoning has a sour oniony flavor beloved by southerners.
  • Yellow salt: Harvested from the Salt Flats, this is perhaps the most commonly used seasoning in Allanak, giving dishes a gritty, earthy flavor.

  • Sour cactus powder: This greenish yellow powder is used to flavor meaty dishes, giving them a piercing, sour taste that is enjoyed by those used to it.

  • Boptri root: These sticks of root powder have a pleasing peppery and coffee flavor and are manufactured by the Larati tribe.
  • Shailoti flakes: Made from shailoti peppers originally produced by the Tan Muark, these dry yellow flakes give food a burning heat.

Red Storm and Red Storm East:
  • Gahtle: The potent, hearty odor of this drab yellow powder is an acquired taste, although it does not combine well with sweets.
  • Nemik: This shredded fungus has a taste in which sweet and tart mingle, although some dislike its grainy texture.

Tribal Elves:
  • Citrada: (Blackwing) Flavors of citrus and pepper mingle together in these flakes of yellow pepper.
  • Facebiter: (Blackwing) Composed of dried roots and powdered insects, this seasoning gives food a bitter, spicy flavor.
  • Stonedust: (Blackwing) This speckled grit is harvested from salt licks, giving food a salty, mineral taste.
  • Waterbalm: (Blackwing) This bland, oily powder is mainly used to season burned or rotten food in order to make it edible.

Tribal Humans:
  • Blacksweet: (Tan Muark) This mixture of coffee and honey is rarely appreciated by those outside the tribe, although most Tan Muark swear by its effect on otherwise bland food.
  • Cinjal paste: (Arabet) This melange of mashed peppers and spices gives food an intense, eye-watering spiciness.
  • Honey crystals: (Tan Muark) The process of creating crystalized kank honey is unknown by most, but the Tan Muark use the sweet result to flavor many dishes.
  • Pepper flakes: (Tan Muark) Flakes of pepper help lend Tan Muark food its characteristic heat.
  • Salt and cactus blend: (Al Seik) This blend of salt crystals and dried cactus flakes gives food an aromatic, salty savor.
  • Yam paste: (Tan Muark) Sweet and fruity, this thick orange paste lends a savor to many dishes.

  • Escru cream: This thickened cream adds a savor to many fruit dishes.
  • Ginka sauce: Produced by House Kurac, this sweet red syrup made from ripe ginka fruit has a lush sweetness enjoyed by those that can afford it.
  • Hahsash: This mixture of dried mushrooms and roots gives many dishes a sharp, earthy flavor.
  • Quaw: The tiny purple worms used in making quaw are only known to flourish in deep tunnels within the mantis territories. Only a handful of the wealthiest nobles have ever heard of, much less tasted, them. Improperly used the small worms quickly die off, thereby poisoning the food, often with painful and fatal results. As such, only the best of chefs employ these seasonings, and their use is considered something of a test of courage to partake in.
  • Tembotooth: Beloved by northlanders, this powdered herb gives dishes a warm pepper and anise flavor.
  • Ternak: The soft white flakes of dried and powdered ternak root give many northern dishes a tangy bite.

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