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The Allanak Senate is composed of nine Senators, one from each noble house. Included in the meeting are representatives from the Templarate, and the major merchant houses: Nenyuk, Kadius, and Salarr, as well as assorted pages, scribes, etc. Sometimes members of smaller or less accepted merchant houses, such as Voryek or Kurac, leaders of organizations, or even, on occasion, commoners are summoned to speak before a Senate; in such cases, it is illegal not to appear. Senators are generally attended by at least a couple of members of their house; many Senators started their political career in their youth acting as a scribe or aide to the Senator at the time. There are also at least two scribes and a Speaker for the Templarate, who are usually of common or bastard noble blood.

The Senate meets formally once a year; in times of war or emergency, they may meet as often as once a month. At the Senate, various matters of the city and Tektolnes' law are discussed and debated. A Senate session takes anywhere from one to three days in duration, with frequent breaks for meals and refreshment. The meetings are not open to the public; on occasion a Senate meeting will be open for junior nobles and blue robed templars.

When something is approved in the Senate, it becomes official Allanaki law. Matters range in importance from minor (the wording of a proclamation, the declaration of a holiday, the commendation of a city hero) to major (declaration of wars or trade embargoes, substantial changes in taxes, the ouster of a group or high ranked individual from the city).

Current Senators:
  • Marcus Borsail - An intensely private individual who tends to vote cautiously and is notoriously hard to read.
  • Nidio Valika - Has been in the Senate over a decade and a half. Known for his many female conquests. Generally a smart and savvy political manuverer.
  • Jethan Oash - Pure business. Hates wasting time, has little patience for slacking, but is very fair.
  • Ehlana Kasix - Has been in the Senate for 25 years, since she was 22. Shrewd and quick to see economic advantage.
  • Dhoneagmir Tor - A long-time instructor in the Academy, Dhon Tor also serves as the House's Senator. He is well versed in military history.
  • Purod Fale - Has a good public demeanor and a head for politics, although he prefers to turn that energy elsewhere. Proposes many city festivals and civic events.
  • Khymera Rennik - A young and relatively recent Senator, Khymera Rennik took the place of her great-aunt Debilah, who still appears with her, acting as advisor.
  • Drissa Jal - Drissa rose past all her relatives to her position as Senator by sheer force of will. A very powerful presence accompanies her wherever she goes. Not much to look at, but a stare from Drissa is a humbling experience for anyone. Tends to vote with the winning side. A good orator, she has been known to offer stirring speeches at times, such as her address upon the fall of Allanak's hold over the Northlands.
  • Jakarta Sath rarely speaks out, and tends to vote with the winning side.
Current Senate Representatives:
  • Palomides Nenyuk - Elder of Nenyuk
  • Solken Kadius - Elder of Kadius
  • Pheroton Salarr - Senior Agent of Salarr
  • Blantin - Speaker for the Senate, announces matters, counts votes, etc. A government scribe since youth, Blantin rose in the ranks of scribes and pages for the Senate until finally becoming the speaker. He has a loud, booming voice, is eloquent of speech, but doesn't get too involved in personal business.
  • Karissa Fale - relatively young Red Robe, representative of the Templarate

Recent Senate Meetings
Year 71 of the 20th Age:

A vote proposed by Dhon Tor to commend the Red Robe Brenaj for his sorty against the gith, which led to a band of 14 gith being enslaved for the arena. Passed unanimously.

A vote for 25k to fund a Rennik expedition to the Thornwalker Mountains, to the east of the Salt Flats, to be led by Niccon Rennik, proposed by Khymera Rennik. Did not pass. Votes against were Borsail, Sath, Jal, Tor, and Oash.

Palomides Nenyuk offered to fund a small bounty for tarantula nests. Passed.

A vote for a festival to be held in the Noble's Quarter, funded by the Senate, proposed by Alaj Fale. Passed. Votes against were Oash and Valika.

Request for continued funding for Mal Krian excavations, submitted by Kadius. Did not pass.

Year 72 of the 20th Age:

Proposal to employ militia on a sortie to clear out a gith settlement near the obsidian mines, submitted by Dhoneagmir Tor. Passed.

Petition to lower the taxes on silk, submitted by Kadius, citing difficulties in shipping the material from the North. Did not pass.

Proposal to install gates on the Elementalist Quarter for the safety of the general population, proposed by Khymera Rennik. Did not pass.

Vote proposed by Alaj Fale for a masked ball to be held in the Bazaar, funded by the Senate. Did not pass after security considerations were raised by Dhoneagmir Tor.

Year 73 of the 20th Age:

Proposal for additional tax of 10% on northern wines, submitted by Jal. Passed.

Proposal that Oash be granted additional lands to expand their vineyards submitted by Jethan Oash. Did not pass.

Proposal to install gates on the Elementalist Quarter for the safety of the elementalists, proposed by Khymera Rennik. Did not pass.

Request for increased registration fees for independent merchants from Kadius. Did not pass.

Year 74 of the 20th Age:

Request for increased registration fees for independent merchants of proven northern origin from Kadius. Did not pass.

Proposal to install gates on the Elementalist Quarter for the safety of the nobility and templarate from Khymera Rennik. Did not pass.

Proposed by Jal: Increased pressure from the enemies of the Citystate of Allanak requires steps be taken to protect the industries and trade of the Highlord's city. Therefore, it is put forth that the budget be ammended for the following increases in the Arm of the Dragon's militia force:

  • 40 additional troops for the purpose of sewer patrols given to Lord Malos of the Red, to be assigned to Blues of his choosing.
  • The garrison for the Obsidian Mines near the Canyons of Waste shall be increased by twenty men, under Captain Derrin.
  • Twenty men shall be assigned to escort patrol on scheduled labor and gladiatorial recruiting missions by House Kasix and House Borsail, under command of authorised agents of these houses.
  • An additional fifty troops shall be commisioned to report to Lord Dornan Tor of the Blue to complete bi-weekly patrols within the ten leagues surrounding Allanak and the Villages Menos, Taki, and Yaroch to protect and clear the area of gith, tarantulas, elven tribes, and unlawful raiders.


To offset the increase in militia, taxes shall be increased on the beneficiary industries and commodities of Obsidian products and foodstuffs to the effect of one coin per twenty rate.

Proposal for series of arena games featuring Allanaki gladiators and assorted vermin from the northlands from Alaj Fale. Passed.

Year 75 of the 20th Age:

Proposal by Sath to allot extra monies to purchasing a collection of scrolls reportedly taken from Tuluk when it fell. Did not pass.

Year 76 of the 20th Age:

Proposal by Nenyuk to allot extra monies to purchasing a collection of scrolls reportedly taken from Tuluk when it fell. Did not pass.

Year 77 of the 20th Age:

Proposal by House Fale to allot funds for a festival in celebration of his Highlord's New Year of the 21st age. Supported by House Borsail. Passed.

Request by Kurac for the ban on spice to be lifted due to the influx of potential trading during the aforementioned festival. Did not pass - unanimous vote.

Proposal by Oash to ban Kurac from the first meeting of the Allanaki senate during the 21st age. Seconded by Borsail. Passed unanimously.

Year 1 of the 21st Age:

The Atrium, through House Borsail, proposes an allotment of funds to have a number of exotic and extraordinary animalscaptured for the viewing purposes of the nobles and commoners of Allanak, to be displayed during the upcoming festival. Passed.

Proposal by Borsail, on behalf of the Atrium, to make contact with the Tan Muark, in hopes of arranging their presence during the upcoming festival. Vote against: Tor. Passed.

Proposal by Tor to fund extra security services during the Festival, specifically with regards to the Tan Muark visitors. Passed.

Year 2 of the 21st Age:

Proposal by Tor and Borsail to send scouting parties in the vicinity of Luir's outpost, as well as the Cai Shyzn valley upon word of a large mantis movement towards the east. Passed, but for one third the proposed sum.

Year 3 of the 21st Age:

Emergency meeting called to discuss both the invasion of Luir's by the mantis forces, and the strange sightings within the labyrinth.

Proposal by Tor to send a small contingent of soldiers to help defend Luir's Outpost. Did not pass.

Proposal by Oash to send a small contingent of soldiers and Templars into the Labyrinth to quell the threat. Passed.

Proposal by Borsail to erect barriers across the two known entrances to the Labyrinth. Passed unanimously.

Year 5 of the 21st Age:

Rennik proposes a grand civic work, a version of their famous greenhouse, located in the city, open to all the nobility in order to provide a place of tranquility and beauty in which members of the great families of Allanak may gather. Passed.

Khymera Rennik has proclaimed support of the Tor proposal for increased protection of the farming villages of Allanak. Further she suggests that this project and the Great Rennik Greenhouse can be funded by levying a tax on water, wines, and ales, along with a variety of other beverages.

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