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Subclasses are intended to round out characters with regards to their primary guild. They are not substitutes for a primary guild. A thief class will be a better thief than a warrior with the subclass of thief. A subguild represents your character's experience from before you begin playing him or her - accordingly these skills will not progress beyond a certain level

Here a list of the current coded sub-classes and a brief description of each.

Acrobats are limber, nimble street-performers, as adept with their feet as their hands in combat, able to scale sheer surfaces, and good at escaping a confrontation in a hurry.

Archers know all the ins and outs of all forms of missile weapons, bows, slings and crossbows. They are also crafters who know not only how to make their weapons, but also make use of feathers left over from constructing arrows.

Armormakers know well how to process hides and materials from various types of creatures and plants. Armormakers know how not only how to create armors and leather goods from these materials, but also repair them when they become damaged.

Bards are talented with musical ability, and well versed in the use of various instruments. They can earn a living performing tricks involving small sleights of hand, or by repeating and embellishing stories they have overheard. Their ability to pick up languages will also aid in the diversity of their story-telling.

Caravan guides are skilled in desert travel, whether it be on a mount or piloting a wagon. They are skilled in assessing goods, and most have learned at least a smattering of the nomadic tongue.

Con artists are good with small sleights of hand, as well as skilled in some of the merchantly arts, such as being able to appraise items as well as make an advantageous bargain.

Foresters, who generally come from the Grey Forest, know their way in and out of its trails, and can detect the passage of others in the forest. They can generally make their living harvesting, processing, and carving wood from that area.

General crafters have a well rounded ability to craft various goods from vines and twine such as baskets and ropes, as well as changing the color of existing crafts with the careful application of dye. They have a sharp eye regarding the value of crafts as well as the knowledge to increase the value of some skins through some minor processing.

Guards have a useful set of skills in order to function as bodyguards or caravan guards, by the ability to keep those they are protecting from harm, as well as the ability to redeem themselves if one of their charges gets into trouble. Their ability to fight defensively with a shield, as well as holding attacking raiders so that they can be questioned, make them a valuable asset to any House or Merchant.

House servants are skilled in a variety of tasks that will make them valuable to any noble hosting a large party. They can work as a chef for a large meal, and can often overhear the conversations of the visitors, and report to their employers. They can also pilot their employer's wagon to drive guests home and even create small mementos out of flowers to give to departing guests.

Hunters, who have made their living hunting, are generally good at tracking and quietly approaching their prey, as well as skinning it. They also have the ability to shoot their prey from a distance using the arrows that they created.

Jewelers are skilled with crafting trinkets and tokens of adornment, working in a variety of mediums, including feathers, in such a pursuit. They are generally shrewd merchants, capable of figuring out the value and composition of items.

Linguists know the three major humanoid languages: Allundean, Mirukkim, and Sirihish.

Mercenaries, rough types known for their ability to hold their liquor, usually have some small skills which aid in their duties, including the ability to handle a mount and maintain their armor and make small knives useful in the tasks that they are hired for.

Nomads, usually originating in the tablelands around Luir's Outpost, speak their own native tongue and Bendune. They are adept at shrewd bartering in the desert markets, and are known for their skill in making spears. If you are playing a character with a nomadic background, you must pick this subclass.

Physicians know how to stop critical bleeding using bandages, as well as construct the bandages necessary to do so. They are also able to create cures using various herbs and brew elixirs in order to numb the pain of those seriously wounded.

Rebels, originating in the Northlands, are skilled in the guerilla arts, including the ability to move silently and to construct their own weapons as well as repair their armor.

Scavengers, skilled in surviving the wilds, particularly ruins such as those of Tuluk, are able to find food where others might not. They are quick to find items and have a shrewd eye towards their possible worth. In order to find objects out of reach of others they have learned to find paths that aren't apparent to the casual observer, and go into caves, windows, and holes in the wall which require a short climb.

Stonecrafters make their living collecting and shaping stone, including making adornments from semiprecious and precious stones. They have a sharp eye for the value of such items.

Tailors can create clothing, as well as color the cloths with which they work. Living on the fruits of their labors, they are skilled at driving shrewd bargains.

Thieves are able to snatch some small items on occasion as well as the ability to quickly tuck away what they manage to grab using small sleights of hand. They are able to approach their targets quietly as well as to escape in a hurry since they often botch their attempts.

Thugs are well-used to the use of brute force, able to effectively kick an opponent in combat, as well as how to effectively knock out a target. However, they also know how to take to their heels when needed.

Tinkers are skilled with the crafting of small implements and tools as well as being canny bargainers, shrewd in assessing the value of any given item.

Weaponscrafters make their living making weapons of various types, including swords, spears, and knives. They are also quick to realize the worth and recognize the craftsmanship of these products.

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