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Resources for New Players

Welcome to the game! Some of our players and staff have been here for over ten years, while others are newer, but just as enthusiastic. We hope you'll find life on the surface of Zalanthas as challenging and enjoyable as countless people have over the last decade.

This section provides all you need to start playing Armageddon MUD. If you are new to the game, take the time to look through this section. Players agree that their initial experience of the game has been greatly enhanced by getting familiar with the game basics.

  • Overview: Talks about the game premise, as well as the culture that has evolved around the game.
  • Roleplaying on Armageddon: These resources focus on roleplaying - what it is, how best to do it, common problems and how people have addressed them in the past.
  • Creating a Character: Guides you through coming up with and submitting a character, and includes sample descriptions so you can see what is and isn't acceptable for the game.
  • What You Know: Details of life that your character would know.
  • Walkthrough: Provides a sample of gameplay in the city of Allanak.
  • Player Helpers: Lists player helpers who can be contacted for advice and assistance.
  • Useful Utilities Utilities written by Armageddon players, including a name generator, an emote tester, and an age converter.
  • Are you new to online games?: Details how to create an account and submit a character for it.

Be aware that for beginning characters, not all races and guilds are available. If you are new to the game, your choices will be: Elf, Dwarf, Human, and Half-Elf for races, and Warrior, Ranger, Merchant, Pick-pocket, Burglar, and Assassin for guilds. New players are advised but not required to select Human or Half-Elf for race and a non-thief guild until they get a feel for the game's intricacies. Allanak is a friendlier starting place for new players as well, and has the highest player population.

Other Resources for New Players

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