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Welcome to Zalanthas. If you don't want to go through the entire introductory section of the Armageddon MUD website, this Quickstart provides some game basics. The following truths about the world of Armageddon Mud are as common knowledge to Zalanthans as how to order a BigMac at McDonald's is to us.

  • Zalanthas is a desert planet; water is scarce and its sources bitterly contested. The planet is also metal-poor; a commoner may go a lifetime without seeing a metal object larger than a ring. There is no metal currency; coins are made from obsidian. Most characters choose not to leave the relative safety of the city - the desert is full of brutality and death.
  • Humans are the most prevalent and powerful race. Elves on Zalanthas are fiercely tribal, and prize the art of thievery. Dwarves are hairless and devoted to a goal which they pursue at all costs. Other races you may see are muls (the sterile offspring of dwarves and humans, used as slaves) and half-giants (a race originally produced by magick, known to be as stupid as they are large). We advise that your first character be a human fighter-type in order to learn how to play the game - thieves and merchants are difficult to play.
  • Magick exists and is feared. Most magickers that your character will encounter are elementalists, focused on a single force, such as Water, Stone, Wind, or Fire. Sorcerers and Nilazi (Void elementalists) are feared, shunned, and reported to the nearest authority. In Tuluk, all magick is illegal except for the powers practiced by the Templarate. There is no religion in the city-states other than the worship of the Sorcerer-Kings, who do not tolerate other gods.
  • Everyone practices telepathy, which is commonly referred to as The Way. Other mental gifts are possible, but are the realm of psionicists, also known as "mind-benders", who are feared. To communicate telepathically, you first contact the person, then use the psi command. The way to stop contact is the cease command.
  • The two major cities in the Known World are Allanak in the south and Tuluk in the north. Both are ruled by never-seen sorcerer-kings: Tektolnes (Allanak) and Muk Utep (Tuluk). The cities have warred for decades, and hold each other in contempt, although travel between them can and does occur. Your character can start in several cities, but you are advised to select Allanak or Tuluk, which are centers of player population.
  • Your character is a commoner. It is illegal for him or her to know how to read or write. Your character knows that both the nobility and the templarate are to be feared and avoided. Either group is capable of having a commoner killed for looking at them wrong. Your character believes that nobles are better than ordinary people by right of birth. You can spot nobles and templars by the metal rings they wear, as well as the fact that they are accompanied by guards.
  • Merchant houses are also major powers, and guard both their monopolies and secrets well. House Salarr handles weapons and armor, House Kurac handles the illegal drug, spice, House Nenyuk handles banking, and House Kadius handles luxury goods. Smaller merchant houses exist, struggling for existence wherever they can find a niche.
  • Avoid imposing your own interpretations and norms on the game world. For example, there is no sexism on Zalanthas; women and men are treated equally. This means that the following would not happen in Armageddon: a man expressing shame at being beaten sparring by a woman; someone referring to women as needing protection or coddling; a woman being shamed for sexual promiscuity while a man is praised for it. Attitudes towards sexuality are broad. Homosexuality is common, and not seen as aberrant. Multiple sex partners are common among Zalanthans, particularly in the upper classes. If you intend to roleplay out adult scenes, please make sure you are aware of our consent rules.
  • Southerners tend to be darker in skin and hair color than northerners. Very few fair-skinned people exist. There are some mutations among commoners; you are advised to keep them to a minimum in your first character.
  • Getting employed: Your character will probably need a job to survive. Jobs include spies, hunters, entertainers, aides, crafters, physicians - your ingenuity and ability to play are your only limits. Merchant Houses and Noble Houses are good sources of employment. If you are human, you will have an easier time getting hired.
  • Each player is allowed one account and is responsible for being aware of the game rules. If you disrupt play for other players or violate the rules, you will be banned.

Compiled by Sanvean , based on a concept from ShaLeah. © 2004 Armageddon MUD.