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These resources focus on roleplaying - what it is, how best to do it, common problems and how people have addressed them in the past.

  • Roleplaying Guide: Establishes what we expect in terms of roleplaying as well as a helpful list of questions to establish your character's background and goals.
  • Player/Staff Meetings and Seminars: We periodically host seminars and on-line meetings about game issues and questions. Here are the logs.
  • Player Logs:Logs submitted by players as examples of enjoyable, well done roleplay.
  • Roleplaying Tips: Player tips on roleplaying your character once you have created it.
  • Thief's Bible: How to roleplay a thief.
  • Racial Roleplay: Material on running non-human races such as dwarves, elves, half-elves, half-giants, and muls.
  • Subguild Roleplay: Material on running subguilds.
  • Magick Roleplay: Material on roleplaying magick-wielding characters as well as reactions to magick.

Other Roleplaying Resources

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