Roleplaying Magick Users on Armageddon

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* Cantrips and Emotes
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* Magicker Culture

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Magickers are karma restricted guilds in Armageddon for two considerations. One is their potential power, but the more important is that it is difficult to run such a character without an understanding of how such characters differ from those on other games. This set of documentation tries to address common misconceptions about magick-using characters, and to provide resources that can be used to create an interesting and viable magicker character.

Creating Your Character, which will describe what should be addressed in his or her background, as well as providing suggestions for issues you may wish to address, is still being written, and will be linked in soon.

The General FAQ lists questions commonly asked about magick and magick-using characters and takes a stab at answering them.

The Sample Concepts lists concepts that people have used in the past, with some feedback on them.

Cantrips and Emotes talks about the ideas of cantrips and emoted spells, as well as when it is (or isn't) valid to emote various magickal effects.

Nessalin's document on Elementalist Culture talks specifically about elementalists and the purpose of the Elementalist Quarter in Allanak.

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