Roleplaying Seminars
* Seminar 1 - RP Alternatives to Skill Practicing
* Seminar 2 - Clan Recruiting
* Seminar 3 - Player Staff Meeting
* Seminar 4 - Player-Staff Meeting
* Seminar 5 - Player-Staff Meeting
* Seminar 6 - Player-Staff Meeting
* Seminar 7 - Player Staff Meeting
* Seminar 8 - Player Staff Meeting
* Seminar 9 - Player Staff Meeting

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Above are the logs from the roleplaying seminars we are going to try to hold once a month or so. The purpose of the seminars are many fold, but they largely come down to increasing the enjoyment of the game for both the staff and the players by providing a neutral space in which players and staff alike can share views on specific topics relevant to the game. Well, it sounds good, anyway. You can judge for yourself whether or not they have been worthwhile.

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