In the northern city of Tuluk, social standing is determined by caste. Each citizen is born into a specific caste and for the most part they remain within that caste until they die.  Children are tattooed with the mark of their caste and know their place in society from an early age.

There are four main societal castes in Tuluk:

  1. Faithful
  2. Chosen
  3. Commoner
  4. Slave

Tuluki society further breaks these categories down into the following subdivisions of caste:


  1. Exalted
  2. Templar
  1. Surif Noble
  2. Hlum Noble
  1. Artisan
  2. Merchant
  3. Commoner
  1. Slave

Societal Castes


Exalted - This caste consists entirely of the Sun King and his family, the High Precentor, the Inquisitors and the two Guild Precentors of the templar orders.

The proper form of address for the Sun King is "Your Highness," while the Precentors and Inquisitors are addressed by title only. A typical Tuluki citizen would deeply fear these personages as well as revering them.

Most Tuluki Citizens would know that each templar order is ruled by a single Precentor. How many Inquisitors exist or are active at any given time is a mystery not many would have the inclination to solve.

Templar - The templar caste consists of two distinct sects - the female Lirathans and the male Jihaens. The sect with more power is the sect that holds the position of High Precentor within the city. At this time the High Precentor is a Lirathan. Each order is then presided over by a single Precentor and their sect leaders. Templars are chosen mainly from the noble caste, but may also come from other castes in exceptional cases.

Templars are addressed as their established rank followed by their given name, or as "Faithful Lord" and "Faithful Lady" followed by their given name, rank, and House name. I.e., "High Templar Faithful Lady Nanola Dasari of the Lirathan Order" or "Faithful Lord Aretae Lyksae of The Jihaen Order" would both be formal introductions, while "Faithful Lord Aretae" would be an informal usage. The Templarate as a whole are referred to as "His Faithful."

Chosen Noble - The Chosen Nobility are those family groups with hereditary titles within the Ivory. Membership in this caste is by birthright only.

Chosen Nobles are addressed by the populace as "Chosen Lord" and "Chosen Lady," followed by their given name and their house. Ie, "Chosen Lady Eudora of House Dasari" is a formal introduction, and "Chosen Lady Eudora" would be an informal usage.

Hlum Noble - Hlum nobility are the winners of the Grey Hunt and are exceedingly rare. A Hlum noble may rise from any caste and the title reverts upon their death.

Hlum Nobles are addressed as "Chosen Lord" and "Chosen Lady". Ie,"Chosen Lady Enid" or "Chosen Lord Amos."

Artisan - The artisan caste consists of the elite of the other two common castes. Included in the artisan caste are master crafters, ranked Circle bards of Bard rank or above with noble or templar partisanship, extremely accomplished assassins and thieves with noble or templar partisanship and accomplished artisans of other disciplines that can show sufficient support.

Merchant - The merchant caste consists mainly of Great Merchant House family and those enjoying a high rank within those organizations. It is possible for a commoner to eventually gain this rank with employment from a Great Merchant House, or through talent of their own independently (though rarer).

Each Great Merchant House treats their crafting, military and hunter branches uniquely, and therefore those branches are not individually included in this chart. For more information on relative social status, representatives of those houses may provide information in game.

Those Great Merchant House employees who are able to claim citizenship may have a slightly higher social status then those who cannot - especially in legal matters. However, since the social power of the Great Merchant House is largely a function of their tremendous wealth and not any perceived quality of character, the differences are minor. This caste also includes the upper echelons of proven, independent commoner organizations, such as the T'zai Byn.

Commoner - The common caste consists of the vast majority of citizens. Laborers, soldiers, the majority of merchants and the majority of bards, assassins, thieves, and mercenaries all fall into this category.

Slave - These people are owned either from birth or acquired and sold. Their social status may reach from anything just short of barely trusted by commoners to positions of prestige and respect. It is not unusual for highly trusted/trained slaves to be granted tasks or knowledge that would not be available to commoner servants.

A Note on Foreigners - Foreigners and non-citizens not employed by a merchant house are not part of the caste system, but for the purposes of social class would be ranked below independent commoners. This table is inclusive of all citizens of any race.

A Note on independent organizations - Independent organizations that are not tied to a city-state but do fall into the place of a merchant house are usually lumped into the "Merchant" subgroup if they are deemed successful and influential enough. A group of hunters would not fall into this category, but a self-made, established organization complete with some sort of noble, templar, or GMH sponsorship would.

For the purposes of Tuluki Society, citizens may change caste over the course of a lifetime, though such happenings are rare.

Rank Table

It should be noted for the purposes of this chart that the templar sect that holds the position of High Precentor can be assumed to socially rank a half-notch above the opposite sect. The current High Precentor is the Fyloria Winrothol of the Lirathan Order.

It should also be noted that partisanship can raise or lower the status of any rank available, depending upon the status of the providing patron.

Tuluki Caste Structure Rank Table
Faithful Caste Chosen Caste Common Caste Slave Caste
Exalted Templar Surif Noble Hlum Noble Artisan Merchant Legions Commoner Slave
The Sun King - - - - - - - -
High Precentor - - - - - - - -
Lirathan Precentor
Jihaen Precentor
- - - - - - - -
- Sect Mistress

Knight Templar
Chosen Head of House - - - - - -
- Lirathan High Templar

Jihaen High Templar
Chosen Senior Family Member - - House Head - - -
- Lirathan Templar

Jihaen Templar
Chosen Family Member Hlum Noble - - General - -
- - - - Circle Leader - Colonel - -
- - - - Master Bard - Captain - -
- - - Hlum Family (reverts on death of Hlum) Master Artisan

Master Assassin
Senior Merchant Lieutenant Senior Employees of Noble House or Templarate -
- - - - Bard

Accomplished Artisan

Accomplished Assassin

Master Thief

T'zai Byn Lieutenant
Sergeant Mid-ranked Employees of Noble House or Templarate Ranked Legion Slaves

Master Artisan Slaves

Ranked Lyksaen Warriors
- - - - - Junior Merchant

T'zai Byn Sergeant
Corporal Seeker of Poet's Circle

Junior Employees of Noble House or Templarate
Ranked House Slaves

Artisan Slaves
- - - - - Entry Level Employees Private Apprentice of Poet's Circle Personal Slaves of the Templarate and Nobility
- - - - - - Recruit Independent Commoner Skilled Slave
- - - - - - - - Unskilled Slave

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